Last Update: Monday, Feburary 14, 2005

Tiny Toon Adventures Video Games

 What You Can Do To Help to Help with TTA Games

If you are someone that has any of the TTA video games and know quite a bit about them, you can help me out! I'm looking for people to help with writing reviews, articles, and game walkthroughs for any and/or all the games listed within the TTA Games page.

Reviews are perhaps what I need the most of. They are easiest things to write and they don't have to be that well written. They have to be just clear enough for the reader to have a clear message of what you are talking about. And the reviews do not have to be "good" reviews either; if you don't like one of the Tiny Toon Adventures games, I would expect that to be reflected in the review. Of course, all I ask is that you go beyond simply saying that "the game sucks!". Just put some thought into the review and there should not be any problems.

Walkthroughs, or simply FAQs, are what I call a "necessary evil". There will always be someone out there that can and will get stuck in a game and will some help. If you know a lot about a game or are willing to sit down and learn everything you can about a particular Tiny Toon Adventures game, then writing a FAQ could be perfect for you. If you have posted a TTA FAQ/Guide somewhere else, I'd be glad to host the FAQ here as well!

The lest needed item I need for the TTA games sections are articles and game information, but they can be some of the best parts of the page nonetheless. If you know something about a game that doesn't fit any of the above two sections, like the name of a particular TTA game in Japan that isn't up on the page already, let me know! Any information sent to me will be credited to whoever sent it in!

I'm also looking for reviews, walkthroughs, and any other information that is already up on other pages. I'm wanting to link to any and all places that already has this info as well, just to fill out the blanks. If you know of any pages that has this type of stuff already up, let me know!

Okay, so have you decided to help? If so, excellent. I sure do need the help. So, where do you send it in? Just email the document, information, or review to me at and from there, it'll be posted in the proper area! And thanks for any and all help that you are willing to offer. I don't know it all but together with all of you my faithful readers, we all can try to learn it all. :)

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