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"Grawknorkeeniemeenieminymoeschnozzola!!" dictated Dizzy, although I am not sure if he intended the remark towards my literary contribution, or to the fact that I had forgotten to wake him before I put away my tent, which it turns out we had been sharing.
[from Stand By Toons]

Welcome to the TTA-Fanfic Mirror Site! This page is searves as a mirror of the TTA-Fanfic Mailing List. So, in other words, all of the stories here have been released on TTA-Fanfic Mailing List.

The stories listed have been listed in alphabetically from A to Z. Use the links right below this for quick access to the stories. All stories that are new will be marked with to the left of the story. In addition, new stories and artwork will be listed at the top of the list.

Recent Additions
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 Recent Additions  Author
 Tiny Toon Adventure Fanfics For April 2003  April 2003 Fanfic Zip
 Dates    Tim Walters
 Forgotten Heritage    Andy Fox
 Human Hyjinx    The J.A.M.
 World Not Meant To Be, A; Part 2    Gregory Grainneog

   TTA-Fanfic FAQs & Guides  Author
   Tiny Toon Adventures Fan Fiction Mailing List FAQ, The (v.4.4)  Kevin Mickel
   Tiny Toon Adventures Fan-Fiction Fictional Guide, The (v.1)  Plato
   Tiny Toon Adventures Fan-Fiction Reference Guide, The (v.19.0)  Kevin Mickel
   TTA-Fanfic Writers' Guide, The (v.1)  Renee Carter Hall

   ( )  Author
   (Non) Campus Mentis  Maggie Weidner

   A  Author
   A (slightly) MONUMENTAL DECISION... (v.1.1)  Jerry D. Withers
   A Troop  Zachary A. Zulkowski
   abDUCKed  ? the Platypus
   Acme Acres County Fair  Robert Chirico
   Acme Acres Theme Park, The  Denae Vaughan
   Acme Acres 500, The  Leandro Martins Pinto
   Acmes, The  Morgan Ingersoll
   Akron In Reverse  Jerry D. Withers
   Akron In Reverse, Part II: Surprise! Surprise!  Multiple Authors
   All Good Things Must Come To An End  Mike Beebe
   All That Glitters...  Paul R. Zook
   And That's a Wrap!  Kevin Mickel
   And Then There was One  Kevin Mickel
   Anime-niacs: Sailor Loon  Karen Tindall
   Animeniacs: Sailor Toon  Karen Tindall
   Avatar  Abel DuSable
   Aw, Have A Heart!  Mike Cote

   B  Author
   Babs 1/2  da Bunnyman
   Babs Revelation  Mike Beebe
   Babs-a-maniacs!  Beth Ann Bryant
   Babsie On Board!  Multiple Authors
   Bad Hare Day  Don Speirs
   Battle Of The Rich  Danny Short
   Beakazoid!  Plucky Warner
   Best Things In Life Are Free, The  Rebecca Littlehales
   Bit Of History, A  Daniel Davis
   Bloomin' Loonies, The: "Entrances" (v.1.1)  Multiple Authors
   Bloomin' Loonies 2, The: "Football: It's A Loony Old Game (No Matter HOW You Play It!)" (v.1.2)  Multiple Authors
   Bloomin' Loonies 2 1/2, The: "Football: It's STILL A Looney Old Game..." (v.1.1)  Multiple Authors
   Bloomin' Loonies $4.95 (Marked down from $9.98), The: "The Sound of Carrottes"  Multiple Authors
   Bloomin' Loonies 5, The: Count 'em, 5!  Multiple Authors
   Bugnapped Universe, The  Plucky Warner
   Bugsnapped!  Plucky Warner
   Bunny Bedlam  Kevin Mickel
   Bunny Trouble: Pt. 1  Yvette M. Griffith
   Bunnyfeld: The Video Mix-up  Hudson Duck
   Buster & Babs: No Relation  Kevin Mickel
   Buster and Babs Bunny: Relation?  Multiple Authors
   Buster Loves... Elmyra?  Leloni Bunny
   Buster's Beginning  Radar
   Buster's Dark Desires  Mike Beebe
   Buster's 'Little' Secret  FoxWiz
   Buster's Guide To Unconsummated Romance  John Friedrich
   But I Won't Do That!  David M. Hungerford III

   C  Author
   Carrot Crime, The  Samantha Schreiber
   CATch that Bird!  Leloni Bunny
   Certain Lonely Toon, A  Foxy Fellow
   Certain Lonely Toon, A; Part 2  Foxy Fellow
   Certain Lonely Toon, A; Part 3  Foxy Fellow
   Change of Heart, A  Gypsy
   Chris Who?  The Hell Cat
   Christmas Tails  Pepe K.
   Chrono Toon  Dark Helmet
   Closures  Lee M. Withers
   Cookies for Brain  Brooke "Zuzu" Michelle
   Copyrats  Jason "Oschindler" Bretz
   Crash Banditcoot's Tiny Toon Adventure  Daniel Short
   Created, The (Bugsnapped II)  Plucky Warner
   Cultural Catastrophe  Juli Magera

   D  Author
   Dancers at the Edge of Eternity; Part One: Beyond The Edge Of The World  Sean Campbell
   Dangers of Drunk Driving, The  Urian Dang
   Dark Chaos, Time of Wonders Part 5  Danny Short
   Date with Disaster  Jon Turner
 Dates  Tim Walters
   Dial 'O' For Oddimals  Brooke "Zuzu" Michelle
   Die Barney Die Prologue  Urian Dang
   Dimensions  James G. Smith
   Disruption  Kevin Montabon
   Dizzies  Ryan Farnsworth
   Dizzies 2: Leftovers  Ryan Farnsworth
   A Doc in the Quarks -- A Drabble  K. Michael Wilcox
   Doctor is In, The  Snugglebunny85
   Don Juan De Coyote  Caesar Salad
   Ducks Out Of Luck  Kevin Mickel
   Ducks Out Of Luck: Special Edition  Kevin Mickel

   E  Author
   Easter Bunny Conspiracy, The  Benjamin Fox
   Everything Changes  Felicia Tabby
   Extreme Pluck  Michael Sherry

   F  Author
   Fan Fiction  DarkmaN
   Fan Thoughts  Michael Russell
   Far Behind (v.2)  Dark Helmet
   Feefzilla - Queen of the Monsters  Dark Helmet
   Fifi LaCoat  Michael M.
   Fifi LaFume: Private Eye  Brooke "Zuzu" Michelle
   Final Days  OSCHINDLER
   Final Episode, The  Nathan East
   Final Toon Fantasy Episode 1  Dark Helmet
   Fluffy  Andy Fox
   Forgotten Dreams  Leonel Gonzalez
 Forgotten Heritage  Andy Fox
   Fourteen, The  The J.A.M.
   Fowl Scent of Romance, The  Brooke "Zuzu" Michelle
   Fowl Scent of Romance, The: Fifi's Lament  Brooke "Zuzu" Michelle
   Fractured Images  Able DuSable
   Free Man  FoxWiz
   Friend Of A Different Color, A  The Hell Cat
   Frightened Duckling, A; Time of Wonders Part4  Danny Short
   From Bunny To Dawn  Aaron “Lighting” Roberts
   Fun With Love  FoxWiz
   Furball: The Good Life  Derek S.

   G  Author
   Galaxy X: Inferno II  Joey Horne
   Ghost of Christmas Reruns  Sean Campbell
   Go Chase Your Tail...  Jerry D. Withers
   Gone With The Whim (v.1.1)  Jerry D. Withers
   Group Therapy  Mike Beebe

   H  Author
   Hands That Elmrya Binds  Erika Leigh
   Hare Hysteria  Kevin Mickel
   Hare to Hero  Multiple Authors
   Heart And Star  Kevin Pezzano
   Held At Bay  Zachary A. Zulkowski
   Hell Hath No Fury...  Renee Carter Hall
   Hiding Place  Sean Campbell
   Hip Hop Hoops  Renee Carter Hall
   Hoops Du Jour  Jerry D. Withers
   Hours Between Night and Day, The (Bugsnapped! III)  Plucky Warner
 Human Hyjinx  The J.A.M.

   I  Author
   I should think of a snappy title for this  ? the Platypus
   If Wishes Were Horses...  Jerry D. Withers
   Incredible Yucksmen, The  Andrew Tuttle
   Inferno  Joey Horne
   Invasion!  Joey Horne
   Is Breakin Up All That Hard To Do? (v.1.1)  Jerry D. Withers
   It's a Gasser  EOCostello

   J  Author
   Jolly Mon Sing  Dusty Patcher
   Jurrasic Bark  Derek S.
   Jurrasick Duck  David Herbert

   K  Author
   Karrot Chameleon  Juli Magera
   Kith  Abel DuSable

   L  Author
   LaFUME  Sean Campbell
   Language of Love  Dark Helmet
   Last Thing Expected, The  Dark Helmet
   Le Wedding De Fifi  Jeremy J. Jurrens
   Legend of the Deed to Acme Acres, The  Jeremy J. Jurrens
   Legend of Toon Park, The (Part One through Five)  Erik McDarby
   Legend of Toon Park, The; Part I  Erik McDarby
   Legend of Toon Park, The; Part 3  Erik McDarby
   Life Goes On, Multififity; Story One  Abel DuSable
   Lil' Imagination  Mortimer Anderson
   Little Tortilla Boy  John Calcano
   Living End, The  Robert Jardim
   Lola vs Babs  Leloni Bunny
   The Looney Rebirth  Sean Campbell
   Lost World, The: Jurrasic Duck  Urian Dang

   M  Author
   Mad River Rage - Part I  Thomas McClure
   Mary  The J.A.M.
   Mayhem  Steve Allen Richards
   Memory Erazer, The  Aaron "Lighting" Roberts
   Miranda  Jerry D. Withers
   Miranda 2: "Changes" (v.1.1)  Jerry D. Withers
   MiSTing of "Dial 'O' For Oddimals"  Matt Plotecher
   MiSTing of "Ducks Out Of Luck"  Siobhan Morris
   MiSTing of "The Terror that Flaps in the Night"  Matt Plotecher
   Mondo Negatory Tiny Toons: The Other Side Of Comedy  Multiple Authors
   Mortal Toonbat  Urian Dang
   Mortal Toonbat: Loonilation  Urian Dang
   Movie Trailers, Tiny Toon Style  Earl Allison
   My Brain Runneth Over  Razorback Jack
   My Girlfriend's Back  Luke
   My pathetic attempt at a fan fict  Floyd Yancey
   Mystery Of Funny Island, The  Thomas Schmitz

   N  Author
   N - The Autobiography of Andy Fox  Andy Fox
   Newcomer, The  Lee M. Withers
   New Kid in Town  Luke
   No Love Future For Frank  N.Liberto

   O  Author
   Off-Color Story, An  David Gerstein
   Oh Lamore!  Plucky Warner
   Old Classroom, The  Dark Helmet
   Old Friend, New Person  Jerell Drakes
   On The Road Again  The HellCat
   Once Around The Writer's Block (v.1.1)  Jerry D. Withers
   Ooh La La  Daniel Brock
   Orpheus and Eurydice  Caeser Salad
   Out of the Closet and Into the Fire  Renee Carter Hall
   Out Of The Tower And Out Of Their Minds  Karen Tindall

   P  Author
   Parallels (v.1.2)  Jerry D. Withers
   Parallels II: Parallel Bars (v.1.2)  Jerry D. Withers
   Parallels Volume 3: "The Rat Stuff" (v.1.1)  Jerry D. Withers
   Patriots Day  Kevin Mickel
   Pet Peeve  John Urie
   Pink Dwarf: Lightspeed  Sylvester Fox
   Pink Dwarf: The End  Sylvester Fox
   Pinky and the Brain meet Elmyra  Erika Leigh R.
   Pluck Amuck!  Kevin Mickel
   Plucky's Big Day  Bridgette Berry
   Plucky Lindros  Dark Helmet
   Pokémon Tiny Toon Cyborgs Part 1: The Beginning  Joey Horne
   Pool And Its Party Are Soon Started..., A  Jerry D. Withers
   Prankster; The  Michael M.
   Prankster II; The: The Prankster Lives!  Michael M.
   The Prankster III: Not Him Again!  Michael M.
   Pussy Footing Around  FoxWiz

   Q  Author
   Quantoon Leap  Eric Gjovaag
   Quest, The  Nick Distler

   R  Author
   Rabbit Out Of Time, A  Plucky Warner
   Race Against Time  Multiple Authors
   Re-re-return of the Toxic Revenger, The  Kelly Barina
   Really Bad Fanfiction, A  Brooke "Zuzu" Michelle
   Really Very Special Tiny Toons Thanksgiving... I guess, A  Mike Cote
   Reluctant Toon, A  Bryan Chaney
   Return to the ACME Acres Zone, The  Jochen Beer
   Reunion  Brooke "Zuzu" Michelle
   Rite of Passage: Part I  Dark Helmet
   Rite of Passage: Part II  Dark Helmet
   Rite of Passage: Part III  Dark Helmet
   Rite of Passage: Part IV  Dark Helmet
   Rivals  KeV Beeley
   RuBarb (v.1.1)  Jerry D. Withers
   RuBarb II: "When The Roof Caves In, The Bottom Falls Out" (v.1.1)  Jerry D. Withers

   S  Author
   Sadie Hawkins Day  Earl Allison
   Scent-Cement Reason  Leandro Martins Pinto
   Schools out for Summer, part 1  DarkmaN
   Search for the Past on the Road to the Future  Kelly Barina
   Seekers of the Phoenix!  Multiple Authors
   Semper Toon  Greg Williams
   Shadows That Walk At Night, The; Episode One: All Endings Must Have an End  Mike Beebe
   Shifting Circles  Felica Tabby
   Shirley Comes Home  Leloni Bunny
   Short, Short Story, A  Kevin Mickel
   Showdown, The  Mike Cote
   Sides of Fame, The  Dark Helmet
   Silver Smudge  Paul R. Zook
   Simple Solutions  Plucky Warner
   Sincerely Yours, Oliver  Brooke "Zuzu" Michelle
   Skunknapped  The HellCat
   Snow Loon  Colin Feder
   Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, And Someone Blue  Plucky Warner
   Soup Kitchen, The  Luke
   Space Duck Coast to Coast: Shirl Nesbit  Colin Feder
   Space Duck Shore to Shore: Ukelele  Colin Feder
   Splitting Hares Pt1  Diana Warren
   Splitting Hares Pt2  Diana Warren
   Springala Genie of the South, The  Urian Dang
   Spy Hard Parody  Aaron “Lighting” Roberts
   Stand By Toons  Hudson Duck
   Star Bored  John Calcano
   Storyboard: A Real Dawn of Despair  Leandro Martins Pinto
   Stumbling Down Memory Lane  Luke
   Stupor Bowl, The  Mike Cote
   Stylistic Situation, A  Leloni Bunny
   Summers in the Air, and BOY it Sure Smells Funny!  DarkmaN
   Super Buster  Aaron "Lighting" Roberts

   T  Author
   Terror That Flaps in the Night, The  Christine Harcinske
   Terror Toons Adventure  Anthony Barnett
   They Had Each Other  Paul R. Zook
   Three Tooney People  Hitrat
   TIB Toons In Black  Ryan Farnsworth
   'Til Death Do us Part  Colin Feder
   Time To Every Purpose Unto Heaven, A; Part 1: Arrival  Pepe K.
   Time To Every Purpose Unto Heaven, A; Part 2: Meet Dr. Lord  Pepe K.
   Time To Every Purpose Unto Heaven, A; Part 3: A Time To Sow  Pepe K.
   Time To Every Purpose Unto Heaven, A; Part 4: A Time To Reap  Pepe K.
   Time To Every Purpose Unto Heaven, A; Part 5: The Race of the Millennium  Pepe K.
   Time To Every Purpose Unto Heaven, A; Part 6: A Time To Cast Away Stones  Pepe K.
   Time To Every Purpose Unto Heaven, A; Part 7: A Time to Dance - A Time to Mourn  Pepe K.
   Time To Every Purpose Unto Heaven, A; Part 8: World Without End  Pepe K.
   Time To Every Purpose Unto Heaven, A; Part 9: A Time to Refrain from Embracing  Pepe K.
   Time To Every Purpose Unto Heaven, A; Part 10: And Danced the Skies on Laughter-Silvered Wings  Pepe K.
   Time To Every Purpose Unto Heaven, A; Part 11: A Time to Break Down  Pepe K.
   Time To Every Purpose Unto Heaven, A; Part 12: A Time To Weep  Pepe K.
   Time To Every Purpose Unto Heaven, A; Part 13: "A Time To Laugh"  Pepe K.
   Time To Every Purpose Unto Heaven, A; Part 14: "Fair Winds and Following Seas"  Pepe K.
   Time To Every Purpose Unto Heaven, A;: -Dialogs-  Andy Fox
   Tiny Toon Adventures Song Parody Collection, The  Multiple Authors
   Tiny Toon Adventures Spooky Stories  Abel DuSable
   Tiny Toons Christmas Carol, A  Abel DuSable
   Tiny Toons Dream  RedKnox the Fox
   To Travel  The HellCat
   Toon Navigator  Erik McDarby
   Toon Park; Part II  Erik McDarby
   Toon Test, The  FoxWizard
   Toon Trek The Next Generation: Encounter At Wayoutharpoint  Kevin J. Podsiadlik
   Toon Wolf  Earl Allison
   Toonbusters  Ryan Farnsworth
   Toonbusters II  Ryan Farnsworth
   Tooney Limits, The: Bugsis  Plucky Warner
   Toons Of A Feather  Gypsy
   Toony King, The  Jon Cooke
   Toony Way, The; Chapter 1  Lee M. Withers
   Toony Way, The; Chapter 2  Lee M. Withers
   Toony Way, The; Chapter 3  Lee M. Withers
   Toony Way, The; Chapter 4  Lee M. Withers
   Toony Way, The; Chapter 5  Lee M. Withers
   Tradition Broken, A; The Time of Wonders, Part 2  Daniel Short
   Transfer Student  Jeremy J. Jurrens
   Tropical Winter  Michael Russell
   TTA Short Stories  Abel DuSable
   Two Heads are Better Than Three  Jeffrey Miller

   U  Author
   Undiscovered Campus, The  Zachary A. Zulkowski
   Untitled Story, An  Kelly
   Up The Duff  ? The Platypus
   Utopia Lost  Sean Campbell

   V  Author
   Violation: Prologue  Razorback Jack
   Violations; Chapter 1: Kennedy Syndrome  Razorback Jack
   Violations; Chapter 2: The Hunt Commences  Razorback Jack
   Violations; Chapter 3: No Time for Generals  Razorback Jack
   Violations; Chapter 4: Wine Doth Taste Of Bittersweet  Razorback Jack
   Violations; Chapter 5: The Dawning Turmoil  Razorback Jack
   Violations; Chapter 6: Publicity and Secrets  Razorback Jack
 Violations; Chapter 7: A Slip of Paper  Razorback Jack
   Visitor, The  Daniel Davis
   Voices  Kevin Mickel

   W  Author
   Welcome Back  Colin Feder
   Welcome to Acme Acres; The Time of Wonders, Part 1  Danny Short
   We're Off To See The Wizard Tiny Toons Style  Leloni Bunny
   What's in a Name?  Kevin Mickel
   What's the Point?  Nick & Ben Distler
   What's Up, Duck?  Nathan East
   Where Will I Be In Ten Years?  Felicia Tabby
   Who Gets Her? The Time of Wonders, Part 3  Danny Short
   Who's Minding The Mine?  Lee M. Withers
   Why Me?  Derek S.
   Wicked Ways  Dark Helmet
   Wicked Ways 2: Evening the score  Dark Helmet
   Wicked Ways 3: The Fine Lines; part 1  Dark Helmet
   Wicked Ways 3: The Fine Lines; part 2  Dark Helmet
   Wing Commander Saga, The; TTA Long Ear, Episode 1: The Beginning  Danny Short
   Wing Commander Saga, The; TTA Long Ear, Episode 2: The Flight  Danny Short
   Wing Commander Saga, The; TTA Long Ear, Episode 3: The Battle  Danny Short
   Wing Commander Saga, The; TTA Long Ear, Episode 4: The Move  Danny Short
   Wing Commander Saga, The; TTA Long Ear, Episode 6: The Squadron  Danny Short
   Wing Commander Saga, The; TTA Long Ear, Episode 7: The Maximum  Danny Short
   World Not Meant To Be, A  Gregory Grainneog
 World Not Meant To Be, A; Part 2  Gregory Grainneog
   Wolf Toon  Multiple Authors
   Wolfgoyls: The Beginning  Earl Allison

   X  Author
   No Stories Available  -

   Y  Author
   Yellow Water Tower (Nothing Is Necessary); Book One: The Journey  Mike Cote
   Yellow Water Tower (Nothing Is Necessary); Book Two: The Battle  Mike Cote
   Year In the Life, A; Chapter One: Student By Day, Mysterious Vaultkeeper By Night!  Lady Iapetus

   Z  Author
   No Stories Available  -

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