This page consists of the Press Release that has been publicly released by Warthog, the UK Video Games Developer, who currently has the Tiny Toon Adventures license. This press release is about their upcoming Tiny Toon Adventures video games. This press release can also be found on their webpage located at http://www.warthog.co.uk.


Cheshire based games developer Warthog, has announced its latest projects, a line of games based around Warner Brother's 'Tiny Toon Adventures' license which will include the company's first Game Boy Advance title.

Warthog will develop three products with the Game Boy Advance title being joined by a PlayStation and Game Boy Color incarnation. Conspiracy Entertainment plan to publish all three titles in the US beginning with the Game Boy Color version in Q1 2001.

'Tiny Toons Buster's Challenge' is the Game Boy Color product. Playing as Buster Bunny you must fight through Montana Max's goons in an arcade platform game in order to rescue your friends. The game boasts 40 levels, a variety of sports based weapons, and a hoard of crazy bad guys and features high color graphical cut scenes.

The yet to be named PlayStation product is a puzzle-based adventure game. The player controls each of four main Tiny Toon characters and must solve puzzles and riddles in an attempt to find the objects necessary to build a Time Machine and go back in time to complete their homework.

The Game Boy Advance product, who's working title is 'Tiny Toons Wacky Stackers', is an innovative puzzle game featuring many of the Tiny Toon characters. Players must hatch Dodo eggs by skilfully stacking coloured eggs together using any means necessary to become the best Wacky Stacker in the land! Featuring two single player modes and up to four players linking up for simultaneous play.

The new Tiny Toon products serve to strengthen Warthog's existing portfolio of games for children, that includes 'Tom & Jerry in Housetrap' (PlayStation), 'Tom & Jerry in Mouse Attacks' (Game Boy Color) and 'Asterix: The Gallic War' (PlayStation/PC).

Vice President Phil Gaskell said "These are exciting games for us as developers. The license has a great flexibility and many appealing features. The characters are especially fun to work with, the humour in the cartoons has quite an adult edge to it at times and consequently we have been able to maintain that in the games. Warner Brothers are a very encouraging licensor and are the best we've worked with.

"Tiny Toons is a great licence to kick off our Game Boy Advance development on," said Ashley Hall, Managing Director and CEO of Warthog. "The new machine is an excellent games platform and Tiny Toons translates perfectly on it," he continued.


For more information please contact Stephen Hey at Head First on 0161 228 6699 or email him on stephen@head-first.co.uk

Note to editors: Warthog is a company dedicated to creating high quality interactive entertainment content for PC's, game consoles and broadband delivery. The company has worked with many high profile licensees to realise video game versions of such entities as Star Trek, Tom and Jerry and Asterix, as well as creating best selling original product like space-simulator, Starlancer. With year-on-year growth since the company's inception in 1997, Warthog has worked on commissions by companies including Microsoft, Infogrames, Activision and NewKidCo. The company continues to innovate through proprietary technology and unique business models to offer a growing range of services to an increasing portfolio of companies. Warthog has recently announced their plans to float the company on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) in January 2001.

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